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14K Vanilla Gold® Grape Amethyst™ 2 3/4 cts. Ring with Chocolate Diamonds® 1/5 cts., Nude Diamonds™ 1/5 cts. | TRZF 7AMWS6
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Grape Amethyst™

Amethyst is one of the most popular and mystical gemstones: worn by the ancient Romans as a talisman; written about by Leonardo da Vinci who said the gem had the power to protect against evil thoughts and sharpen intelligence; and to this day, amethysts are featured in the Tibetan rosary as the Buddhists believe the gem enhances the peace and tranquility of meditation.

Amethysts come in a variety of shades and colors, from pink to the deepest royal purple which is the sweet flavor of Le Vian®'s Candy Colors® Amethyst. Brazil and Zambia are the major producers of gem quality amethyst.

Very large sizes of rich, deep color amethyst are very rare. An amethyst which weighs more than 1,000 carats can be seen The Smithsonian Institution, whose gem gallery is home to some of the most famous Amethyst gems in the world dating back to the early 1900's. Other famous amethysts housed at The Smithsonian include: the 96-carat heart-shaped Morris Amethyst brooch; a 56-carat square, cushion-cut amethyst necklace that displays a deep purple color with flashes of red.

"Le Vian® challenged itself to find the deepest candy color royal purple amethyst to take the traditional amethyst to new majestic heights,"


Natural fancy brown diamonds are available in shades from champagne to cognac to Chocolate Diamonds®, Le Vian®’s original brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds. Chocolate Diamonds® are naturally flavored, the depth of their color determined by the tremendous amount of pressure the diamond receives from deep within the earth.

Famous brown diamonds include the 545 carat dark rich champagne hued "Golden Jubilee," the world's largest cut natural diamond.

"Le Vian® chooses only those natural brown diamonds that are C4-C7 and higher in color, SI and higher in clarity, each cut to Le Vian®’s standards, and sourced directly through Le Vian®. Le Vian® is the only company on earth to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds®.”

Nude Diamonds®

Light Brown Diamonds, C2-C3 | Natural Color Diamond | Mohs Scale: 10 | April Birthstone | 10th Anniversary Gemstone

Nude Diamonds™ are more neutral than white diamonds; their natural hue complements all skin tones.”

Nude Diamonds™ are neutral skin tone, natural color diamonds that look colorless, take a high polish and offer a great value that is a fraction of the price of white diamonds. Le Vian® utilizes a very stringent selection process, choosing from a select range of high clarity natural faint and light brown diamonds with a touch of blush, the top of production, that are C2-C3 in color and SI or VS in clarity.