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14K Strawberry Gold® Ring with Blackberry Diamonds® 3/4 cts. | YRCC 1BLK-08
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Blackberry Diamonds® add a touch of chic drama to fine jewelry by providing a touch of mysterious sparkle with day into evening fashion forward looks. The lore of this midnight flavored diamond includes Italians, who, in medieval times, believed that black diamonds helped married couples revive their relationships. The “Black Orlov” diamond, the most famous black diamond, was reputed to give happiness and good fortune to anyone who touched it. Other famous black diamonds include “Sergio,” the largest diamond ever found, discovered in Brazil and weighing over three thousand carats!

Le Vian Exotics® offer many unique designs featuring Blackberry Diamonds® like Black Tie looks which pair with Vanilla Diamonds® and Vanilla Gold® for crisp contrast and Chocolate Covered Blackberry combining the warm sweet flavors of Strawberry Gold® and Chocolate Diamonds®.

“From Le Vian Red Carpet® styles in Blackberry ‘N Vanilla to Chocolate Covered Blackberry in Strawberry Gold®, our Blackberry Diamonds® looks have been on trend – on the red carpet and a favorite among our fans. It’s a classic look with a dramatically sweet twist.”