The reason for the popularity of Chocolate Diamonds®

The reason for the popularity of Chocolate Diamonds®

You’ve likely seen Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® pop up in the news recently. You can find them draped around the necks of your favorite celebrities, adorning public figures, Instagram stars, and in high-end fashion magazines. You may be wondering where they came from.


There are a few key points that attribute to the newfound popularity of Chocolate Diamonds®, and it isn’t just the fact that we’re all getting a bit bored with the current set of diamonds that are in demand.  


The Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

The reason for the popularity of Chocolate Diamonds®

Chocolate Diamonds® have only been in the limelight for a little while, as these special brown diamonds are very rare and are becoming more so. For a diamond to be considered a Chocolate Diamond®, it has to meet rigorous standards in clarity, hue, manufacturing, and inclusion levels. It’s not easy to find a brown diamond that meets all of the quality standards to become a Chocolate Diamond®. In fact, there are very few Chocolate Diamonds® in the world at all. For example, last year alone, the entire planet produced fewer than 1,000 Chocolate Diamonds® that were .5 carat or more. In comparison, there were 70 million white diamonds mined at a size of .5 carat or more.

The majority of Chocolate Diamonds® come from the Australian Argyle Mine, which is due to shut down operations in 2020. Once the mines close, the primary source for these exceptionally high quality brown diamonds will be gone. 


Are Marquise Expensive?

The price of a marquise cut varies based on the size of the cut. The natural shape of a diamond encourages a round or princess cut, making said cuts more affordable. There are many different styles of a Marquise cut, each with its varying prices. With all of this considered, marquise cuts generally tend to be on the more expensive side. 

The Public Gets Its Way When It Comes to Chocolate Diamonds®

The reason for the popularity of Chocolate Diamonds®

The people get what the people want. The popularity of Chocolate Diamonds® really has gone up recently. Lately they have been seen everywhere, from the red carpet to the big apple, and the people have noticed. 


But why are Chocolate Diamonds® so popular now?

LeVian has recently found a way to grade the quality of brown diamonds that hasn’t been seen before. Using newfound methods, which you can learn about in our other articles, LeVian has found a way to distinguish high quality Chocolate Diamonds® from lower quality brown diamonds, creating an entire new market of diamonds.