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14K Two Tone Gold Pistachio Diopside® 5/8 cts. Ring with Nude Diamonds™ 1/8 cts. | YRMF 35A
  • Le Vian Red Carpet® Ring featuring 5/8 cts. Pistachio Diopside®, 1/8 cts. Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Two Tone Gold

    Style #: YRMF 35A
    - Sighted on the Red Carpet 

    Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, CA.



Pistachio DiopsideTM features Le Vian®'s selection of Chrome Diopside. The gem, which is believed to reinvigorate the body and soothe the soul, is only found in the ice cold reaches of Siberia. Pistachio Chrome DiopsideTM is one of the most captivating green gems found in the universe, with a very high refractive index and a brilliantly deep forest green color.

An Italian inspired combination of Pistachio Chrome DiopsideTM with layers of Vanilla Diamonds® set in Strawberry Gold® creates the unique Spumoni Collection® by Le Vian®, in salute to its 2014 trend forecast of Fifty Shades of GreenTM .

"Pistachio Diopside® is Le Vian®'s top selections of chrome diopsi de that are chosen for their open color and high refraction. Le Vian® combines Pistachio Diopside Strawberry Gold® and Vanilla Diamonds® for its Spumoni Collection® which was inspired by the traditional Italian dessert."

Nude Diamonds®

Light Brown Diamonds, C2-C3 | Natural Color Diamond | Mohs Scale: 10 | April Birthstone | 10th Anniversary Gemstone

Nude Diamonds™ are more neutral than white diamonds; their natural hue complements all skin tones.”

Nude Diamonds™ are neutral skin tone, natural color diamonds that look colorless, take a high polish and offer a great value that is a fraction of the price of white diamonds. Le Vian® utilizes a very stringent selection process, choosing from a select range of high clarity natural faint and light brown diamonds with a touch of blush, the top of production, that are C2-C3 in color and SI or VS in clarity. The majority of natural fancy color Nude Diamonds™ are responsibly sourced by Le Vian® from the Argyle Mine in Australia.