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14K Strawberry Gold® Bubble Gum Pink Sapphire™ 1/15 cts., Denim Ombré® 1/15 cts., Shade Of Tsavorite 1/15 cts., Raspberry Rhodolite® 1/15 cts., Green Apple Peridot™  cts., Amethyst Ombre 1/10 cts. Ring | WJIP 64
  • Le Vian® Ring featuring 1/15 cts. Bubble Gum Pink Sapphire™, 1/15 cts. Denim Ombré®, 1/15 cts. Shade Of Tsavorite, 1/15 cts. Raspberry Rhodolite®, cts. Green Apple Peridot™, 1/10 cts. Amethyst Ombre, set in 14K Strawberry Gold®

    Style #: WJIP 64
    MSRP: $899.99

Amethyst OmbréTM

Amethyst Ombré™ is Le Vian’s unique interpretation of the popular hair, fashion and beauty trend. Amethyst Ombré™ features varying hues of Grape Amethyst™ meticulously mapped from soft lavender to deep purple.


Peridot, nicknamed "emerald of the evening" by the Romans and "gem of the sun" by the Egyptians, is thought to have magical powers and healing properties. Peridot forms deep inside the earth and are brought to the surface by volcanoes. Peridot has also been found in meteorites, although these are especially rare. The Natural History Museum in London has a 146.10 carat peridot in its collection.

Peridot comes in several color variations ranging from yellowish green to brown, but the most attractive are the bright lime greens and olive greens. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of iron present.

"Green Apple PeridotTM reveals the softer side of the 5o Shades of GreenTM trend, each look dazzlingly detailed with Chocolate Diamonds® and Vanilla Diamonds® the contrast uncovering the beauty of the August birthstone."

Bubble Gum Pink SapphiresTM

Corundum Family | Mohs Scale: 9

Throughout history, sapphires have always been associated with the color blue, perhaps most likely due to its name which comes from the Greek word sappheiros (blue stone). Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. In history, clergy members wore the gem to symbolize Heaven. In ancient Greece and Rome, the royals believed sapphires protected them from envy and harm. Sapphires have also been closely associated with romance and the royals, most recently in modern times. In 1981, Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a blue sapphire engagement ring. The same ring was later given to Kate Middleton by Princess William.

But all sapphires are not blue and, in fact, come in a rainbow of colors including pink, which Le Vian® has chosen for its strawberry pink flavor.

"Bubble Gum Pink Sapphires™ offer September babies a blush tone gem to celebrate their birth month."


The history of garnets can be traced back to 3100 B.C., the original red garnet gem adorning the necklaces of Egypt's pharaohs and the signet rings of ancient Rome. Garnets were named by the ancient Greeks for its color which resembled pomegranate seed - granaturn. In legend, the garnet was believed to light up the night, thus protecting the wearer from nightmares. Garnets are all natural, brilliant and durable making them a favorite for jewelry and favored in rings.

Le Vian® chose the most pleasing flavor, the garnet gem known as rhodolite for its Raspberry Rhodolite®. The Fiery RedsTM gem with a deep burgundy hue is a stunning starring gem in designs flavored with Strawberry Gold® accented with Chocolate Diamonds®

"Le Vian®s quest to re-invent the January birthstone was realized with the raspberry flavors of the rarer rhodolite species of garnet and highlighting their refraction with checkerboard cuts."

Denim Ombré®

Denim Ombré® is Le Vian’s unique interpretation of the hair, fashion and beauty trend, with a touch of classic denim style. Le Vian® combines a patent pending design featuring a range of diamond cut sapphires, gems, meticulously mapped from Blueberry Sapphire™ to Sky Blue

Sapphires to Vanilla Sapphires™, to create its Denim Ombré® design. Denim Ombré® symbolizes AnyWear/EveryWear® wearability, with a destiny to become your new favorite denim style.