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SLV Blackberry Sapphire™ 4 1/5 cts., White Sapphire 2 1/2 cts. Earrings | WIIE 137
  • Grand Sample Sale Earrings featuring 4 1/5 cts. Blackberry Sapphire™, 2 1/2 cts. White Sapphire, set in SLV

    Style #: WIIE 137
    - Sighted on the Red Carpet 

    the LA Opera 2014-15 season opening night preformance of La Traviata at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. 


Vanilla SapphireTM

Corundum Family | Mohs Scale: 9 | September Birthstone | 5th/45th/70th Anniversary Gemstone

Throughout history, sapphires have always been associated with the color blue, perhaps most likely due to its name which comes from the Greek word sappheiros (blue stone) but this precious gem comes in a rainbow of colors as well as the colorless white sapphire. Le Vian® has named its white sapphire, Vanilla Sapphire™. This gem can be found in Le Vian’s popular Blueberry Ombre™ and Blueberry Layer Cake™ collections.

Wisdom and strength of spirit, with extreme pure energy for having clarity in thought and powers to open up the mind, are thought to be some of the powers associate with white sapphire.