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14K Strawberry Gold® Bubble Gum Pink Sapphire™ 1/2 cts. Ring | WIDN 22
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  • Style#: WIDN 23

Bubble Gum Pink SapphiresTM

Corundum Family | Mohs Scale: 9

Throughout history, sapphires have always been associated with the color blue, perhaps most likely due to its name which comes from the Greek word sappheiros (blue stone). Traditionally, sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. In history, clergy members wore the gem to symbolize Heaven. In ancient Greece and Rome, the royals believed sapphires protected them from envy and harm. Sapphires have also been closely associated with romance and the royals, most recently in modern times. In 1981, Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a blue sapphire engagement ring. The same ring was later given to Kate Middleton by Princess William.

But all sapphires are not blue and, in fact, come in a rainbow of colors including pink, which Le Vian® has chosen for its strawberry pink flavor.

"Bubble Gum Pink Sapphires™ offer September babies a blush tone gem to celebrate their birth month."