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14K Strawberry Gold® Ring with Nude Diamonds™ 5/8 cts. | WAUY 14F
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  • Style#: WAUY 17F
  • Style#: WAUY 9F

Nude Diamonds®

Light Brown Diamonds, C2-C3 | Natural Color Diamond | Mohs Scale: 10 | April Birthstone | 10th Anniversary Gemstone

Nude Diamonds™ are more neutral than white diamonds; their natural hue complements all skin tones.”

Nude Diamonds™ are neutral skin tone, natural color diamonds that look colorless, take a high polish and offer a great value that is a fraction of the price of white diamonds. Le Vian® utilizes a very stringent selection process, choosing from a select range of high clarity natural faint and light brown diamonds with a touch of blush, the top of production, that are C2-C3 in color and SI or VS in clarity.