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14K Honey Gold™ Forest Green Tsavorite™ 1/20 cts. Pendant with Chocolate Ombré Diamonds® 2 3/4 cts. | TSQY 2
  • Le Vian Ombre Pendant featuring 1/20 cts. Forest Green Tsavorite™, 2 3/4 cts. Chocolate Ombré Diamonds® set in 14K Honey Gold™

    Style #: TSQY 2
    MSRP: $9,397.50


Tsavorite is a green garnet and, like other garnets, forms within metamorphic rocks; its rareness comes from its specific need for more unusual rock chemistries and special conditions to be in place in order for it to form.
The color scale of this gem is fresh and invigorating, ranging from a spring-like pale green to an intensely bluish-green to a deep forest green, which is the flavor of Le Viang Forest Green TsavoriteTM.

"We chose Honey GoldTM as a backdrop which intensifies the lively green flavor of Forest Green TsavoriteTM, one of the brightest green gems in the 50 Shades of GreenTM trend"

Chocolate Ombré®

Chocolate Ombré® is Le Vian’s unique interpretation of the luxurious women’s hair, fashion and beauty trend. The patented design features delicious mapping of natural color diamonds from Crème Brûlée Diamonds®, Candied Pecan Diamonds®, and Le Vian’s signature Chocolate Diamonds®. Chocolate Ombré® delivers a fashion forward style with a unique neutral look, offering the wearer a natural color diamond design at a favorable price value equation.