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SLV Cinnamon Citrine® 1/10 cts., Mandarin Orange Garnet™ 1/3 cts., Vanilla Topaz™ 5 cts. Ring | RAAA 4
  • Le Vian Red Carpet® Ring featuring 1/10 cts. Cinnamon Citrine®, 1/3 cts. Mandarin Orange Garnet™, 5 cts. Vanilla Topaz™, set in SLV

    Style #: RAAA 4
    - Sighted on the Red Carpet 

    fashion show during New York Fashion Week on September 14, 2016 in New York City.

    Maxim's Hot 100 Party at Eden in Hollywood, California. 



The name citrine comes from the French word "Citron" meaning lemon, its color ranging from a juicy lemon yellow to orange brownish orange. This popular neutral gem is the most affordable of the earth-toned gemstones and pairs perfectly with Le Vian® Honey GoldTM.

In ancient times, citrine was worn to deter from snakebites and the even more powerful venom of evil words and thoughts. This gem garnered a big following in the 40s in retro jewelry, with its sun kissed color and large stones brilliantly set against the bold gold of the era. Joan Crawford was often seen wearing an emerald-cut citrine ring that was more than 100 carats!

"Cinnamon Citrine® is among the original Le Vianese flavors, popularized through big stone, high profile designs that today remain a staple in many collectors' wardrobes. This spicy sun-kissed gem stands out within Honey GoldTM with accents of Chocolate Diamonds® and Vanilla Diamonds®"

Mandarin Tangerine GarnetTM

The history of garnets can be traced back to 3100 B.C., the original red garnet gem adorning the necklaces of Egypt's pharaohs and the signet rings of ancient Rome. The discovery of the sweet fiery orange Mandarin Orange GarnetTM, also known as spessartine, is more recent, taking place in 1991, in a remote area of the Kunene River through the hills along the border between Namibia and Angola. In 1994, more orange spessartine was found in Nigeria.

There are three qualities of this gem that makes it extra special: a vibrant orange flavor, strong brilliance, and increasing rarity. This fiery orange gem symbolizes energy and joy of life. Those who choose this stone are confident and are not afraid to be noticed.

"Mandarin Orange GarnetTM delivers a rare and exotic gem that is sweetly flavored for the trendsetter who wishes to stand out from the crowd and dares to be different"