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Platinum Hunters Green Tourmaline™ 12 cts. Ring with Vanilla Diamonds® 1/2 cts. | MEEB 65


Tourmaline as a gem has been around for centuries but until modern mineralogy, the dazzling colors of tourmaline which range from red to pink to yellow, blue and green were identified as another gem based on its coloring. This is especially true of green tourmaline, which resembles the emerald, so much so that when Francisco Spinoza first discovered the gem in 1553, the name given was "Brazilian emerald". Even the name given this gem, tourmaline, which comes from the Sri Lanka Sinhalese word "tura malli" meaning "mixed gems" identifies the confusion that surrounded the early days of this gem.

An interesting quality of the tourmaline is its ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing the stone. Symbolically, green tourmaline is thought to attract luck, success, abundance and prosperity.

"Greens in every, shade come alive including the deeper hues of Hunters Green TourmalineTM"


The journey of a diamond in the rough to the sparkling diamond design you love is a fascinating story, one that began billions of years ago, deep within the earth where a diamond has formed under extreme heat and pressure. Its ascent from its natural home is forced by nature or man where it is then cleaved, cut and polished revealing its natural beauty. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and the only gem that is composed of only one element, carbon.

Vanilla Diamonds® are specially selected to adorn Le Vian® designs – from breathtaking one-of-a-kind red carpet favored designs in Vanilla Gold® to the trendsetting combination of Strawberry ‘N Vanilla® featuring the blushing hue of Strawberry Gold® topped with Vanilla Diamonds®.

“Le Vian® Vanilla Diamonds® are chosen by exacting standards: SI quality of higher and G-J color.”