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14K Honey Gold™ Caramel Quartz™ 2 cts., Cinnamon Citrine® 1 7/8 cts., Vanilla Topaz™ 1 1/4 cts. Ring | ASKC 12
  • Grand Sample Sale Ring featuring 2 cts. Caramel Quartz™, 1 7/8 cts. Cinnamon Citrine®, 1 1/4 cts. Vanilla Topaz™, set in 14K Honey Gold™

    Style #: ASKC 12
    - Sighted on the Red Carpet 

    Mercy Street Season 2' panel discussion at the PBS portion of the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.

    23rd Annual Race To Erase MS Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. 



In its purest form, quartz is colorless but is also found in many spectacular colors. Le Vian® offers many different flavors of quartz in its collections including its 2015 color trend flavor, Caramel QuartzTM which features the sweetest selections from the increasingly popular cognac quartz. The sweet essence of this gem and the larger sized stories available, provide a fashionable flavor to accompany a wide range of color trends yet the neutrality to remain a classic piece in your jewelry wardrobe for years to come.

"Caramel QuartzTM brings an earthy sweetness to fine jewelry with a warm hue that reveals sparks of orange, yellow and brown. This sophisticated neutral gem pairs perfectly with fashion's camel and brandy flavors providing dashing monochromatic sparkle"


The name citrine comes from the French word "Citron" meaning lemon, its color ranging from a juicy lemon yellow to orange brownish orange. This popular neutral gem is the most affordable of the earth-toned gemstones and pairs perfectly with Le Vian® Honey GoldTM.

In ancient times, citrine was worn to deter from snakebites and the even more powerful venom of evil words and thoughts. This gem garnered a big following in the 40s in retro jewelry, with its sun kissed color and large stones brilliantly set against the bold gold of the era. Joan Crawford was often seen wearing an emerald-cut citrine ring that was more than 100 carats!

"Cinnamon Citrine® is among the original Le Vianese flavors, popularized through big stone, high profile designs that today remain a staple in many collectors' wardrobes. This spicy sun-kissed gem stands out within Honey GoldTM with accents of Chocolate Diamonds® and Vanilla Diamonds®"