The Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

The Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

Chocolate Diamonds® are rarer than any other diamond on earth. Last year alone, the entire planet produced fewer than 1,000 Chocolate Diamonds that were .5 carat or larger. In comparison, there were 70 million white diamonds mined at a size of .5 carat or larger. The fact remains that many don’t understand the rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®, which is only due to increase..


How High Standards Impact the Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

The Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

One of the few things that impact the rarity of Chocolate Diamonds® is the very high standards a diamond must meet before it can be a “Chocolate Diamond®.” A large number of inclusions, or small imperfections within a diamond resulting from extreme pressure and heat necessary for diamonds to form, are permitted within most white diamonds. With Chocolate Diamonds®, however, the stone must have very few inclusions. .


Additionally, Chocolate Diamonds® must meet certain color criteria on a strict scale (C4-C7 on the Argyle Color Scale) in order to be considered a Chocolate Diamond®. Synthetic coloring is not permitted.


How Geography Impacts the Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds

The Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds®

While brown diamonds have multiple mines, there’s only one place in the world where true Chocolate Diamonds® are mined. They often do not have the same hue as Chocolate Diamonds®, often displaying some unsightly red and green tones. 


Chocolate Diamonds® are found in the Argyle Mine in Australia, which is shutting down in just a year. Though it is one of the largest diamond producers in the world by volume, it is set to close in 2020 due to the low proportion of gem-quality diamonds it offers. However, it produces more than 90 percent of the world’s pink, red, and Chocolate Diamonds®. 


Can Diamonds Break? 

Diamonds may look very pretty and seem fragile, but they are considered the earth’s strongest element. Diamonds can cut through glass and steel with ease. That being said, diamonds do have a weak point that gives us the ability to cut them. We call that the plane of weakness.


What is the difference between Carats and Karats?

These terms may sound similar, but they have different meanings.  Carats (ct) measures the weight of stones and pearls. A carat is ? of a gram. For example, diamonds are measured in carats.  Karats is the measurement of the purity of gold. Pure gold is up to 24 karats.  

How History Impacts the Rarity of Chocolate Diamonds


While white diamonds have been circulating for decades, Chocolate Diamonds® are in their early stages. They were often not considered valuable in years past, likely due to their tough exterior, which requires specialized cutting, and the mistaken belief that any diamond with a slightly brown hue was lower quality. 


Despite this wide-spread belief, Le Vian® realized that, among those diamonds with brown hues, there were those select Chocolate Diamonds® with low inclusion, high color and high clarity — a perfect combination. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) both confirmed this. Soon, celebrities and influencers alike came to love the Chocolate Diamonds for their unique style and their rarity.  Because it took so long for the industry to join the trend, the rarity of Chocolate Diamonds® still persists today.