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SLV Strawberry Gold® Pomegranate Garnet™ 2 1/2 cts. Earrings | SURN 1014RP
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Pomegranate GarnetTM

Garnet Family | Mohs Scale: 7.5-8 | January Birthstone | 2nd Anniversary Gemstone

"Pomegranate Garnet offers January babies a garnet with warmer chocolate undertones that are perfectly complemented by Chocolate Diamonds®."

The history of garnets can be traced back to 3100 B.C., the original red garnet gem adorning the necklaces of Egypt’s pharaohs and the signet rings of ancient Rome. Garnets were named by the ancient Greeks for its color which resembled pomegranate seed - granatum. In legend, the garnet was believed to light up the night, thus protecting the wearer from nightmares. Garnets are all natural, brilliant and durable making them a favorite for jewelry and favored in rings.

Le Vian® selected a unique hue for its Pomegranate Garnet™, those gems with a rich red tone with a slight umber undertone.