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14K Strawberry Gold® Cotton Candy Amethyst® 1 1/2 cts., Pearl 7/8 cts., Vanilla Topaz™ 2 1/2 cts. Ring | GTAD 8
  • Le Vian® Ring featuring 1 1/2 cts. Cotton Candy Amethyst®, 7/8 cts. Pearl, 2 1/2 cts. Vanilla Topaz™, set in 14K Strawberry Gold®

    Style #: GTAD 8
    - Sighted on the Red Carpet 

    2008 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA



Amethysts are one of the most popular and mystical gemstones with a long history. It can be traced back to 4000 BC., was worn by the ancient Romans as a talisman; written about by Leonardo da Vinci who said the gem had the power to protect against evil thoughts and sharpen intelligence; and to this day, amethysts are featured in the Tibetan rosary as the Buddhists believe the gem enhances the peace and tranquility of meditation.

Amethysts come in a variety of shades and colors, from the deepest royal purple to the softer flavor of Cotton Candy Amethyst®, which is a pink amethyst and comes from two countries and three cities: the Yuriti Mine in Bolivia; the Brozino Mine in Catchete, Brazil; and the Bahia region of Maraba, Brazil.

"Le Vian is credited with re-inventing Februar y's birthstone, by using a pastel lilac hue of amethryst that fits Le Vian's palette when combined with Chocolate Diamonds and Strawberry Gold®, especial &, when cut with unique shapes and faceting, like the Portuguese cushion cut."